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About RaxClilection's Cedar Wood Repellents

RaxClilection 40 Essential Cedar Bags can turn your wardrobe into a cedar oasis. Each product is made of natural red cedar wood, which can naturally protect your closet and clothing from maggots, pests and mlid. The combination of these components will make the cedar aroma really penetrate every wardrobe in the home. The scent of these cedar wood blocks can be maintained for more than 1 year. When the taste is diminished, you can restore the scent by sanding the cedar with sandpaper or shaking the sachet. Cedar wood is the best natural alternative to chemical anti-balloon. Protect your home and nature lifestyle with the freshness and protection of cedar.

This great package contains our most popular cedar products:

  • Cedar wood block x8
  • Cedar wood strip x6
  • Cedar wood cubes and balls x16
  • Cedar wood widget and hanger ring x8
  • Cedar Sachet x2

Suitable for use in the closet or between clothes:

  • Cedar wood hanging block (120 * 40 * 5mm)
  • Cedar wood strip (120 * 20 * 17mm)
  • Cedar wood small parts (about 71 * 50 * 10mm)
Moth Repellent between Cloth
Moth Repellent Ring on Hanger

Suitable for use on hangers:

  • Cedar hanger ring (diameter 46mm * 10mm thick)

Suitable for drawers, bags and other compartments:

  • Cedar Wood Cube (19 * 19 * 19mm)
  • Cedar wood ball (20mm diameter)
Moth Repellent Cube in Drawer
Moth Repellent Bags in Shoes

Suitable for use in drawers, cabinets or shoes:

  • Cedar wood sachet, a cedar-filled cotton bag (11 * 5 * 4.8mm)
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