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About Unihom Leather Insoles

The Unihom tan Leather Insoles made of 100% Leather Top Coater with a carbon activated cushioned pad. The insoles are ideal for replacement leather insoles in boat shoes, casual and dress shoes where your existing leather insole is worn out.

Luxury & Practical

The composition of these leather insoles allows them to absorb moisture, reduce foot odour, and encourage a rolling foot motion.

Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural material with many positive attributes. Leather insoles increase shoe breathability and support proper shoe fit. These high-quality leather inserts are made of 100% untreated leather. The leather used to make these insoles has been vegetable-tanned, is free from PCP (pentachlorophenol), and is combined with a firm latex foam underside featuring activated charcoal.

Carbon Activated Filter Pad

The Carbon Activated Filter Pad promotes air circulation and keeping your fresh and feet odor free.

Size Available in:

  • EU Size: 42-44
  • Thin inner soles, fits for all shoes
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