The shoe tree is more than an accessory – it is a must. Using shoe trees means you will be able to keep your shoes for a lifetime: they will develop a beautiful patina with time, but without aging.



Shoe trees is an insert device of approximating the shape of a foot that can keep shoes in amazing shapes as they age, stop it from developing creases and thereby extend the life of the shoe. 



For everyday use, I would definitely recommend using wooden shoe trees made of beech or cedar, woods that absorb moisture from your shoes and ensure the perfect preservation of the shoes’ shape. Develop the firm habit of inserting shoe trees as soon as you take off your shoes: they help reshape the leather to its original condition, magically relaxing and releasing the wear creases that form as you walk.


1. Spring Shoe Trees

Spring shoe trees are a simplified shoe tree, which is more suitable for temporary use when traveling. They can barely keep your shoes in shape, but if you use it for a long time, they run a high danger of contorting them.

The front part of these shoe trees are embedded and the tail is bowed and held up into the heel of the shoe. Since the tail is so narrow as opposed to being molded like a heel, it places too musch pressure on one point of the shoe and overstretches the shoe away from the shape of a human foot.

They are mass produced in one size in particular, so the spring must be extra long to fit all sizes, implying that they almost consistently place an excessive amount of weight over the shoe, except if you have super big feet.





2. Full-toe Shoe Trees

Full-toe Shoe Trees usually have a spring mechanism along its length, which helps to unfurl the sole and prevent some creases. However, the head is a simple solid block and does not fill out the toebox. Full-toe Shoe Trees are also less versatile, unable to accomodate a  large range of shoe shapes. It’s generic head shape does not imitate your feet well, so it may not dry your shoe in the ideal shape. This is a cost-friendly option for cheaper shoes, though the absolute savings are only about $10 from a proper Split-toe pair.

3. Combination Shoe Trees

Combination Shoe Trees combine the Split-toe and Full-toe designs into one for a (marginally) cheaper option to the Split-toe. The Combination Shoe Tree is able to both extend to unfurl the sole, and expand sideways to fill the toebox. Like the Full-toe Shoe Trees however, they utilise a generic head that is easy to mass produce. Hence the expansion may deform the front of your shoes away from the shape of your feet.

4. Split-toe Shoe Trees

Split-toe Shoe Trees are a 3-part Shoe Tree (aka Epic Shoe Trees) that have been engineered to closely approximate the shape of your feet, instead of using a generic symmetrical head like the Full-toe and Combination Shoe Trees.

Split-toe Shoe Trees usually employ two spring mechanisms that exert biplanar (along the shoe and across the toebox) pressure, imitating the pressure of your feet against the shoe upper. The spring-loaded Twin tubes push a fully crafted heel and ergonomic head to unfurl your sole with even, distributed pressure, while the Split-toe (also spring loaded) stretches out the vamp of your shoe. Together, they work to keep your shoe in the correct shape and prevent creases without distorting the shape of your shoe.

Because of the width of the head can be varied, Split-toe Shoe Trees can fit a very wide range of shoe shapes, and provide the next best fit after lasted shoe trees – for a tiny fraction of the cost.



All our shoe trees are designed specifically for each shoe, such as Démesures, Capri and Galet, all named according to the last upon your shoes were created. These shoe trees are crafted of beech wood and come in three colours – natural, green, or purple. They are provided free of charge with your shoes, primarily dress shoes. And, of course, for bespoke shoes, the shoe tree will also be made to measure, to the exact dimensions of your shoe and based on your foot’s shape, personalised in the colour of your choice, and engraved with your initials. Luxury, indeed.